★The green rabbit "Lucky Rabbit" is the Host here to introduce Taiwan's Artist MikeyPan's works at this website.

★Came to Earth Plannet in 1996 and stay with MikeyPan.

★Lucky Rabbit loves the grass field on Earth so much, play in the grass field all the day and the grass juice turns his color into Green forever. There still is a area keeps softy white and feels so nice when you touching.

★Lucky Rabbit tried to dye him self to other colors but the Green is too strong, he tried several times and still can't made it so he give it up.

★Lucky Rabbit want to press MikeyPan's works to all over the Earth by Internet, but he can't edit HTML so MikeyPan need to do it all by her self.

★Born in I-Lan city, grow up in Taipei city. Everybody loves her.

★Meet Lucky Rabbit in 1996 and keep updating this website, try to renewal websit for times but all failed.

★Love to be alone, love to stay far away from home.